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Posted by phochmuth @ 13/04/2015 16:39:00
  Microsoft’s been busy the past few weeks in the mobility market — from an acquisition and partnerships deals, to new SaaS licensing schemes, aimed at putting more Office 365 business tools on smartphones and tablets. All of these piecemeal initiatives — each having... read more

Posted by phochmuth @ 17/03/2015 18:16:00
Sprint announced its Workplace as a service (WaaS) offering this week at the Enterprise Connect conference in Orlando, Fla., WaaS is an ambitious enterprise bundled service aimed at connecting disparate... read more

Posted by abrown @ 26/02/2015 13:41:00
Running between aircraft-hanger sized halls, back-to-back meetings, endless drinks receptions and sore feet: yup, it’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) time again which read more

Posted by abrown @ 19/02/2015 12:00:00
Low-Power, Wide-Area (LPWA) networks are opening up new IoT use cases where connectivity costs are expressed in dollars per year rather than dollars per month. LPWA networks seek to address a sweet spot of high ... read more

Posted by abrown @ 17/02/2015 17:33:00
Every year, Strategy Analytics puts together list of likely predictions that will shape the year ahead in the Internet of Things (IoT). 2014 saw the industry move away from the term M2M and towards a more open and obsessively... read more

Posted by KBurden @ 20/05/2014 15:43:00
At Huawei Analyst conference in Shenzhen with an audience of more than 400 analysts and media in attendance, Mr. William Xu, Chief Strategy Officer hit on the overarching theme of the event - A Better Connected World. Connectivity should be a... read more

Posted by KBurden @ 07/05/2014 01:02:00
More than 10,000 registered attendees took part in the day 1 sessions of Citrix Synergy at the Anaheim Convention Center, which opened with a number of announcements and product upgrades, but not before the iBand kicked it off with a couple of loud rock anthems played on their iPads – quite... read more

Posted by MLevitt @ 04/06/2013 14:09:00
Considering the frequency that clouds are mentioned by business customers, providers, analysts and press, you would think that cloud computing is a huge new opportunity that has already taken over the lion’s share of information and communications technology (ICT) industry provider revenues... read more

Posted by KBurden @ 14/03/2013 11:14:00
Blackberry, through its most recent release of BES 10, its latest version of its on-premise enterprise smartphone management server, is bringing secure workspace capabilities to iOS and Android smartphones. One of the initial pillars of BES 10 when announced was that of a... read more

Posted by abrown @ 11/03/2013 10:45:00
With the growth in BYOD, large corporate tablet deployments have been limited outside the education sector, but American Airlines represents one of the larger corporate deployments with an installed base of 33,000 units. Recently the airline snubbed Apple (after initially taking 10,000 iPads), by... read more

Posted by MLevitt @ 19/02/2013 23:27:00
Whether to build or buy is the classic dilemma faced by service providers and enterprises looking to deliver a new set of IT resources.  In reality, the question is often about how much to build and how much to buy to achieve the desired combination of functionality ... read more

Posted by MLevitt @ 03/01/2013 20:56:00
In October, IBM and AT&T released an announcement that speaks loudly about the importance of partnerships in the cloud marketplace. Companies pursue partnerships when they recognize that if they wo... read more

Posted by MLevitt @ 05/10/2012 19:35:00
(Written by Nitesh Patel & Mark Levitt) The recent focus on maps and location services in the media has centred on Apple’s botched first attempt to offer its own map service riddled with errors.  However, we want to highlight the successes ... read more

Posted by abrown @ 24/07/2012 18:33:00
A lack of standards in M2M have been repeatedly flagged up a key barrier driving the M2M market forwards. Over the last few years, various Standard Development Organisations (SDOs) have been working on unifying initiatives to help drive the M2M market forward. On 24th July 2012, a number o... read more

Posted by dkerr @ 22/07/2012 23:17:00
In an ever-flattening world, small and midsize businesses (SMBs) have more opportunities to expand and accelerate growth and increase profitability. Just like their large enterprise counterparts, SMBs (with 1 to 250 employees) seek growth and new opportunities through their mobile workforces. The... read more

Posted by abrown @ 04/06/2012 14:38:00
Verizon’s planned acquisition of major telematics provider Hughes Telematics is indicative of the continued shift in the M2M value chain as providers look to increase their capabilities to deliver value added services. Typically, carriers prefer to partner i... read more

Posted by abrown @ 01/06/2012 19:40:00
Today's news that Verizon has purchased Hughes Telematics business for a reported $612M is just the latest example of consolidation in the M2M market as noted by our M2M service. In our February 2012 ... read more

Posted by MLevitt @ 27/04/2012 17:03:00
On April 10, 2012, HP announced a comprehensive business cloud strategy called the HP Converged Cloud. Building on its existing portfolio of traditional, managed, and private cloud products and services for corporate IT ... read more

Posted by MLevitt @ 04/04/2012 21:18:00
The cloud computing frenzy continued at Enterprise Connect 2012 in Orlando last week as Avaya and NEC rolled out branded business UC public cloud services and other vendors took to the stage and exhibits to display their cloud offerings. Avaya announced the read more

Posted by dkerr @ 09/03/2012 21:51:00
View the presentation slides from Strategy Analytics Breakfast Presentation at MWC 2012. What are the opportunities and obstacles for the mobile industry as it expands to a world of connected devices and applications which provide new levels of convenience and automation? What ar... read more

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