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Posted by rlanctot @ 21/07/2014 17:07:00
There is a spooky statistical confluence in the U.S. between highway fatalities and deaths resulting from gun violence (homicides and suicides, combined). Both figures hover around 30,000, or about 100/day. And just as the world is treated to the U.S.’s perennial debate over the ... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 18/07/2014 12:09:00
The time has finally arrived to privatize the safety testing activities of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and to shift the funding model of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety away from the insurance industry. Here’s why. Thatcham Research in the UK and... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 04/07/2014 15:18:00
I take the title of my blog from the Philip K. Dick science fiction novel upon which the movie "Blade Runner" was based. One element of the movie is bounty hunter Rick Deckard's (Harrison Ford) effort to retire six escaped Nexus-6 brain model androids. In the process he explores what it is to... read more

Posted by kli @ 02/07/2014 08:48:00
Jointly sponsored by Chinese Satellite Navigation Office (CSNO), Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation, Russian Federal Space Agency and GLONASS Union, China-Russia Satellite Navigation Cooperation Roundtable was held in Harbin on June 30, 2014. ... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 26/06/2014 11:33:00
Among actor Michael McDonald's more unusual credits is the role of "Stuart" on the television program Mad TV. Stuart is a precocious child of indeterminate physical or mental age who insists on getting the attention of family members and friends by performing meaningless tricks. (An example -... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 21/06/2014 18:00:00
Okay, I'll admit it. I was one of many that praised Waze for its clever use of crowd sourced traffic information to create an application that attracted millions of users and a billion dollars, fr... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 17/06/2014 23:49:00
At an International Motor Press Association luncheon in New York City today GlobalAutomakers President and CEO John Bozzella noted that questions were being raised as to how the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) might raise the ... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 17/06/2014 12:10:00
The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg News are reporting rumors of a potential acquisition of Nuance Communications by Samsung and/or private equity investors. Nuance's voice recognition technology is implicated in both Apple's Siri and Google's Google Now VR servic... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 15/06/2014 13:51:00
American Honda Motor (AHM) is said to be investing “millions of dollars” in an effort led by a music industry “dream team” to launch a massive youth marketing initiative called “Honda Stage.” The “multi-platform” agenda is billed as a “bold sh... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 08/06/2014 23:00:00
It has become fashionable in the auto industry to promise to protect customer privacy. Volkswagen’s Chairman of the Board of Management Martin Winterkorn pledged to do just that in a speech before the CeBIT fair in Hannover, Germany, earlier this year. But he was speaking for the entire ind... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 07/06/2014 23:00:00
I just returned from Telematics Update 2014 in Detroit – the leading global event focused on vehicle connectivity – and I came upon a story on regarding a recall on the 2013 Lexus GS350. (You can find the details here: htt... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 30/05/2014 09:40:00
Three years after I wrote this blog (Me, OnStar and Irene -, and nine years after Katrina OnStar has notified all current and former subscribers that it will offer its Crisis Assist services to all of its customers for free ... read more

Posted by kli @ 14/05/2014 09:53:00
After Tencent invested 1.173 billion RMB to acquire 11.28% of Navinfo, the three giant Internet service providers-Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent (so called ‘BAT’) are all somehow involved in the automotive industry. How did this happen?   Baidu acquired one of the two B... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 12/05/2014 15:46:00
Auto insurers are desperately seeking a technology edge, which is why so much attention has been focused on usage-... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 09/05/2014 14:34:00
It wasn’t supposed to be this way.  ... read more

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