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Posted by rlanctot @ 31/10/2014 08:02:00
Experian Automotive put out a news item in time for Halloween noting the emergence of a class of cars it has dubbed “zombies” for the fact that some 14.7M of these vehicles on U.S. roads sport the name plates of defunct brands. According to the Experian report, 32.1% of zombie cars... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 29/10/2014 09:03:00
Every industry needs a report card and every research organization wants to be that performance reference. The automotive industry has many report cards – with J.D. Power being the most notable. But the most onerous one is supplied by Consumer Reports. I used to think that automo... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 24/10/2014 23:01:00
I’ve just come from the site of the 15th Western China International Fair in Chengdu and the booth of the Telematics Industry Application Alliance (TIAA) which featured more than a half dozen demonstrations of every imaginable configuration of eCall. ECall is what Europe has dubbed the ... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 21/10/2014 22:14:00
Could wireless carriers take over the broadcast of radio content removing this vital source of content and information delivery from the free airways? This concept was implanted into my brain as the result of a presentation given by a Swedish broadcaster who was intending to make the point th... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 14/10/2014 01:28:00
Google is quietly calling the tune in automotive technology development. I see it every day. Two companies have found success recently in bringing advanced vehicle technologies to the market on two very different trajectories. One, Quanergy, recently made public its relationship with Daiml... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 11/10/2014 10:07:00
Interview after interview, press briefing after press briefing, quote after quote, Mary Barra, GM’s CEO, neglects to mention the single asset at GM that held the greatest interest of potential investors or acquirers in the darkest days of GM’s bankruptcy: OnStar. Speaking years ago wi... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 09/10/2014 06:57:00
The following commentary was prepared by Stefan Engels, a German attorney and automotive industry consultant with previous senior executive experience at dbh logistics IT AG, Intermap Technologies, PTV AG, Motorola Solutions, Deutsche Telekom and DaimlerChrysler Services. (I edited Stefan's c... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 23/09/2014 14:38:00
With its $1B acquisition of Waze last year Google served notice that it understood the importance of crowd-sourced data to navigation and the connected... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 17/09/2014 15:17:00
There is a maxim in the publicity business that it doesn’t matter what anyone says about you as long as they spell your name right. In other words, all publicity is good publicity. There is good reason to believe that maxim when, for example, GM sets sales records in spite of record-set... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 13/09/2014 10:06:00
Nearly a year after its much-touted IPO failed to launch, INRIX has announced that the Porsche family, majority shareholders for Volkswagen AG, are investing $55M for a 10% stake – putting INRIX’s market value at approximately $550M. That value is about half the purported $1B valu... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 08/09/2014 14:03:00
Governments around the world are increasingly obsessed with mandating hardware devices to be built into or attached to cars. If this keeps up, cars are going to start looking like barnacled old whales. Devices add cost and weight... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 04/09/2014 15:43:00
When companies spend millions of dollars on advertising you assume that they know what they are doing. But I can honestly say that Progressive has lost the thread when it comes to promoting its SnapShot usage-based insurance program on TV. The SnapShot ads, such as the “peer pres... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 27/08/2014 20:43:00
News that GM was “deleting” (in industry jargon) HD Radio from the 2015 Impala had radio industry executives concocting a variety of conspi... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 22/08/2014 13:16:00
So says Dick the Butcher in Shakespeare’s Henry the Sixth, Part 2. U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri might have been expressing similar sentiments when she incredulously inquired as to how GM Executive Vice President and Lead Counsel Michael Millikin and Lucy Clark Doughte... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 20/08/2014 12:24:00
The U.S. Department of Transportation is seeking to mandate the installation of a device in cars for vehicle-to-vehicle communications. For some reason the agency fails to perceive that there is already a life-saving device in the car. That device is called a wireless phone. The wirele... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 19/08/2014 15:24:00
Yesterday I said buh-bye to UBI car insurance. UBI is the acronym given by the insurance industry to the service based on a tracking device being installed in the insured driver’s car. It stands for usage-based insurance. I had been a State Farm customer for approximately 15 year... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 18/08/2014 10:02:00
In the eyes of the car industry the only thing worse than telling car makers what kind of cars to build is telling dealers what kind of cars to sell. Both propositions smack of restraint of trade or even, dare I say it, socialism. So it was no surprise when a National Automobile Dealer... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 12/08/2014 16:12:00
This is a follow-up to the original blog: So let me make sure I get this right. Hackers Charlie Miller, security engineer for Twitter, and Chris Valasek, (left) director of security intelligence at IOActive: 1) “Hacked” into ... read more

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