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Posted by rlanctot @ 26/01/2015 07:37:00
Over the years I have been frequently asked at automotive events why car makers don’t all agree on a single user interface for the car stereo and be done with it. It’s a good question, especially now that it is sometimes almost impossible to FIND the car ... read more

Posted by kmak @ 16/01/2015 15:46:00
In the latest Insight report covering the Detroit Auto Show, Strategy Analytics sets out scenarios from recent low gasoline prices and the potential impact on powertrain system demand.  Detroit 201... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 14/01/2015 07:00:00
The auto industry is abuzz over Google’s plans to bring Android to automobile dashboards as a native operating system with all that that might im... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 07/01/2015 13:12:00
President Obama’s appointment of Mark Rosekind to lead the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) was a wake-up call to the transportation industry...and Congress. Following closely on the heels of Congress deciding to suspend year-old rules fo... read more

Posted by iriches @ 05/01/2015 20:32:00
It should have come as no surprise that Nvidia held a well-attended press event prior to the Consumer Electronics Show last night.  It is, after all, one of the leading suppliers for GPUs for many consumer devices. However, what may have come as a surprise to some is that only 10 minu... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 04/01/2015 12:46:00
What if you were a car maker and I told you I had an app that would work with existing hardware in a car to deliver – at no cost – local (and national and international) news, weather, sports and traffic information along with a wide range of curated musi... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 02/01/2015 11:20:00
It seemed that Tesla could do no wrong in 2013 and 2014. Even when something went wrong, like its cars catching fire, Tesla turned it into an opportunity to demonstrate its technical advantages over the competition – with over the air software updates, of cour... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 27/12/2014 14:44:00
In California, Angelenos are complaining about “Wazers” – users of the Waze smartphone navigation app - taking local surface streets to avoid the presumably crowded freeways. Residents living near or between freeways are seeing an increased flow of... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 25/12/2014 14:09:00
“I find it difficult to believe that the seat belt can afford the driver any great amount of protection over and above that which is available to him through the medium of the safety-type steering wheel if he has his hands on the wheel and grips the rim suffic... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 21/12/2014 09:57:00
One of the biggest highlights of the upcoming CES show in Las Vegas, put on by the Consumer Electronics Association the first week in January, will be the focus on the Internet of Things. While most journalists and attendees will focus on the morphing of televisions... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 19/12/2014 21:59:00
The Google-in-the-car rumors are swirling again in advance of CES, the big consumer electronics show held the first week of January in Las Vegas. Of course, rather than being a big coming out party for Google’s automotive initiatives, CES will highlight how fa... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 17/12/2014 14:53:00
One of these days Microsoft will simply own up to the fact that it does not get cars. The company simply doesn’t understand the automotive industry. Never has. Never will. So even when the company has some success it is somehow overlooked – as in the case... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 12/12/2014 03:23:00
If there's somethin' strange in your neighborhoodWho ya gonna call (ghostbusters)If it's somethin' weird an it won't look goodWho ya gonna call (ghostbusters)- “Ghostbusters” theme song... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 09/12/2014 20:15:00
It’s the 73rd anniversary of Japan's surprise attack on Pearl Harbor and as good a time as any to note that China is seeing an annual slaughter of civilians on its highway on a scale equivalent to the casualties suffered by the U.S. during all of World War II.... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 03/12/2014 21:39:00
I despise the eCall mandate promulgated by the European Union. I hate this decade-old legislative effort primarily because it requires the use of old technology both in new cars and retrofitted into public service access points – the fire departments and local... read more

Posted by kli @ 02/12/2014 16:22:00
January 2014: Tencent bought a navigation and mapping company named 'Linktechnavi' in total 60 million RMB in January, 2014, later on, in May, 2014, Tencent bought 11.28% shares of Navinfo in total 1.173 billion RMB. ... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 28/11/2014 13:04:00
I published a blog about a week ago ( - Apple Needs to Buy TomTom Now) suggesting that Apple ought to finally buy TomTom. Apple has been using TomTom map data to prop up its in-house navigation offering and I was suggesting that an acquisit... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 23/11/2014 16:46:00
It’s the fourth quarter of the year and time, again, to consider the possibility of an acquisition of TomTom by Apple. This annual Q4 speculation was missing, for the first time, last year, but much has changed in the past 12 months. Apple’s strong... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 21/11/2014 16:36:00
Volvo’s vision of vehicle safety remains something of a lonely voice in the industry. The company is the only car maker pledging as a goal that “no one is killed or injured in a Volvo by 2020.” That lonely voice cried out at the L.A. Auto Sho... read more

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