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Posted by ehigham @ 30/04/2015 00:12:00
Well, it’s that time of year again! Those of you who regularly read this blog... read more

Posted by ehigham @ 31/03/2015 20:49:00
Well, the weather is starting (just barely) to get warmer around Boston, so that me... read more

Posted by srobinson @ 01/03/2015 18:03:00
So here we are on the eve of another Mobile World Congress and my thoughts turn to what amazing new devices and technologies are going to be revealed this year. One of the topics that I’m going to be following closely is displays, and I’m looking forward to getting my hands on... read more

Posted by ehigham @ 26/02/2015 20:48:00
I’ve always found it very useful to try to understand how events in the past ... read more

Posted by ctaylor @ 04/02/2015 17:05:00
More than 80 companies showed home automation devices and platforms at CES 2015 this January, up considerably from last year.  This does not count many of the incumbents that did not show much in the way of significant new products this year, and some small firms that just failed to catch ou... read more

Posted by ehigham @ 30/01/2015 13:50:00
For those of you who don’t know, Strategy Analytics has an office just outsid... read more

Posted by skundojjala @ 26/12/2014 14:27:00
The LTE baseband landscape is evolving and the year 2014 saw improved activity in terms of competition, price tiers and market penetration. Qualcomm, the current LTE baseband incumbent, ... read more

Posted by ehigham @ 19/12/2014 16:43:00
As the curtain starts to fall to close out another year, it’s a good time to ... read more

Posted by ehigham @ 25/11/2014 18:33:00
I just read an interesting article from Fred Schindler of RFMD in the... read more

Posted by ctaylor @ 21/10/2014 20:22:00
At the company's Technology Summit in NYC last week, Qualcomm made a strong case for 4K Ultra HD video enabled by their chips and IP.  The company argued that 4K Ultra HD video is here and will grow in popularity, putting big demands on wireless networks.  Along with the growth of Ultra... read more

Posted by ehigham @ 07/10/2014 18:19:00
To paraphrase a classic comment from comedian Rodney Dangerfield. In my case, I went to an read more

Posted by sentwistle @ 30/09/2014 22:18:00
Leading TSC vendors Atmel, Cypress and Synaptics have developed bespoke noise reduction techniques which are enabling new display implementations able to accommodate multi-finger touches and 3D gestures, including touch detection through gloves, hovering, tracking wet or sweaty fingers accurately... read more

Posted by ehigham @ 16/09/2014 14:37:00
I’m just back from CTIA’s Super Mobility Week and I wanted to chime in with a few thoughts, while they are still somewhat fresh in my mind. My initial thought at the conference was “how things have changed in a few short yea... read more

Posted by sentwistle @ 01/09/2014 14:59:00
A few days ago, Murata and Peregrine Semiconductor entered into a definitive agreement under which Murata will acquire Peregrine for $465 million not including Murata’s existing share holdings worth $6 million.  The deal represents a 63 percent premium over Peregrine’s market val... read more

Posted by ehigham @ 29/08/2014 16:56:00
If you are a regular reader of this blog (thank you), you have probably noticed that I like to talk about the chang... read more

Posted by ehigham @ 25/07/2014 20:46:00
In the interest of full disclosure, I am preparing to go away on vacation in a few days, so I am in that pre-vacation euphoria of looking forward to spending time at my favorite place with my favorite people. I had thought about commenting on the death of GaAs at the hands of GaN and the CMOS &ld... read more

Posted by ehigham @ 27/06/2014 18:14:00
As July approaches, the pace of life slows. Schools in the US adjourn for the summer, traffic around Boston eases (somewhat) and businesses around the world prepare for a bit more leisurely tempo. This is a great time to reflect on the “current state” and to speculate on what the fut... read more

Posted by skundojjala @ 25/06/2014 13:31:00
HiSilicon, Huawei’s in-house silicon business unit, has launched its first LTE-integrated applications processors Kirin 910 and Kirin 920 in 2014. HiSilicon already designs slim modems (Balong series) and stand-alone applications processors (K3V2 series), but this integrated product helps i... read more

Posted by ctaylor @ 24/06/2014 22:17:00
Qualcomm's latest LTE chipsets have arrived in two new flagship phones, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Broadband LTE-A and the Amazon Fire Phone.The Samsu... read more

Posted by skundojjala @ 02/06/2014 17:21:00
Today, Broadcom announced that it is exploring strategic options for its cellular baseband business, including a potential sale or shutdown. The company hasn’t identified any potential buyer yet. With this announcement, Broadcom joins the long list of players who exited from the baseband ma... read more

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