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Posted by ehigham @ 28/03/2014 18:39:00
I’m sure we all have things that we’ve seen or heard or been around for a long time and suddenly, they ... read more

Posted by ctaylor @ 03/03/2014 16:10:00
Developments announced at MWC 2014 suggest that the adoption of envelope tracking, CMOS PAs and front-end CMOS integration in cellphones are now accelerating rapidly, all in support of LTE: Qualcomm is shipping the first ET for cellphones in two mobile devices now. This puts Qualcomm... read more

Posted by ehigham @ 28/02/2014 15:46:00
Well, it finally happened! Two companies that no one really saw being together, got together. Now that it is happening, no one can under... read more

Posted by ehigham @ 31/01/2014 15:07:00
A little late with this, but a new year is like an anniversary. It’s a time to reflect on what has transpired in the previous year and think about the excitement of the upcoming year. Will it be more of the same? Are there trends at work tha... read more

Posted by ehigham @ 27/12/2013 15:46:00
As we approach the start of a new year, it is worthwhile to review what happened in 2013. The year started with a bit of uncertainty. De... read more

Posted by ehigham @ 27/11/2013 16:17:00
I had the opportunity to attend SCTE’s CableTec Expo 2013 in Atlanta last month.  In a completely unsolicited plug, if you have a chance to go to Atlanta…go! There are man... read more

Posted by ctaylor @ 25/11/2013 21:39:00
Moore's Law may stop, or at least dramatically slow, around 2022 at the 7 nm CMOS node thanks to quantum effects and transistor threshold variability, according to Robert Colwell of DARPA.  At around 7 nm, electron tunnelling will make it difficult if not impossible to turn off today’s... read more

Posted by ehigham @ 31/10/2013 15:45:00
I spent the first week of October at EuMW2013, the largest microwave show in Europe. This year’s event was located in Nuremburg, Germany and while the ti... read more

Posted by ehigham @ 30/09/2013 18:51:00
As we gear up to slide into another round of conferences, the possibilities for learning and growing seem almost endless. We know what we see and experience will both surprise and delight us, so it seems like a good time to take stock of what has ... read more

Posted by srobinson @ 12/09/2013 14:09:00
Every so often a technology development comes along that makes you think "wow, that could really change the world!" That thought occurred to me this week when I read about a new wireless charging technology... Ossia, a company that has been in stealth mode developing yet another wireless c... read more

Posted by skundojjala @ 11/09/2013 13:33:00
Yesterday, Apple announced its new iPhone line up including the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. The interesting part from our perspective is that the iPhone 5S features a 64-bit A7 applications processor, which is the mobile industry’s first commercial 64-bit smartphone chip. Apple beat specialist... read more

Posted by skundojjala @ 09/09/2013 16:01:00
We have been tracking the multi-core smartphone apps processor (MCSPAP) market developments since the introduction of such chips back in 2011. Last month, we have released our MCSPAP report, which details single-core, dual-core, quad-core and octa-core smartphone processor shipments across stand-... read more

Posted by skundojjala @ 04/09/2013 16:27:00
Today, Broadcom announced the acquisition of Renesas Mobile’s LTE assets including its production-ready and carrier-certified LTE dual-core cellular SoC and patents. This acquisition jumpstarts Broadcom’s LTE progress and puts the company on the LTE map ahead its previous schedule. Br... read more

Posted by ehigham @ 29/08/2013 16:55:00
Well, it’s that time of year, at least in the Northeast of the US. We start to get a taste of cooler, crisper weather as we reflect on all the adventures and trips of ... read more

Posted by ctaylor @ 28/08/2013 15:49:00
With the recent announcement of a multimode LTE chipset from Intel, it seems likely that Qualcomm and Intel will maintain their status as the top two cellular radio chipset suppliers in revenue terms as LTE continues to grow.  However, the cellular chip supplier landscape is littered with th... read more

Posted by ehigham @ 26/07/2013 17:31:00
I just published the 2012 update on the semi-insulating GaAs bulk substrate market. The report can be found here: Semi-Insulating GaAs Substrate Markets: 2012-2017, with the accompanying data model found here: Mark... read more

Posted by ehigham @ 24/06/2013 14:12:00
I hope that you were all able to attend the IMS2013 in Seattle and everyone got a chance to sit in on the Death of GaAs (?) panel session. I had the distinct pleasure of organ... read more

Posted by ehigham @ 31/05/2013 16:47:00
I recently attended CS MANTECH in New Orleans and GaN was the favorite topic of the presenters. Nearly 50% of the presentations and posters at the conference mentioned GaN in ... read more

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