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Posted by esmith @ 25/07/2014 15:42:00
This is the year that 4K Ultra HD (UHD) TV sales are set to dramatically rise from the embryonic status it has occupied for the last two years. Sales figures in 2014 are in line with our read more

Posted by esmith @ 24/07/2014 13:32:00
NVIDIA continues to extend its gaming reach with the launch of the gaming-focused SHIELD Tablet, the latest in a long line of embellishments to its position as a leading supplier of GPUs and SoCs to PCs, laptops, smartphones, mobile games consoles, and tablets. The SHIELD Tablet itself is well sp... read more

Posted by wshi @ 23/07/2014 18:59:00
Messaging is dead! Long live messaging! According to Strategy Analytics’ Global Mobile M... read more

Posted by npatel @ 22/07/2014 14:18:00
On July 24th, 2014 Verizon will launch Verizon Smart Rewards, a loyalty program aimed at its postpaid customer base. Off... read more

Posted by MGoodman @ 22/07/2014 14:04:00
Retail giant Walmart recently announced it had hired Jeremy Verba to serve as vice president and general manager of VUDU, Walmart’s on-demand video service which it acquired i... read more

Posted by nmawston @ 19/07/2014 00:53:00
According to our Wearables (WDE) research service, global smartwatch sales will grow a healthy +750% in 2014. The smartwatch is clearly a high-growth market.Rumo... read more

Posted by nmawston @ 17/07/2014 18:34:00
Wearable devices have the potential to grow into a significant consumer market, benefiting from the ubiquity of the smartphone, and the growing self-health movement; but their success, of course, is not guaranteed. With sensor-laden wearable devices there are a unique set of challenges to be over... read more

Posted by dmercer @ 11/07/2014 17:12:00
A lone thorn amongst roses, I sat with a group of wireless analysts this week listening to Qualcomm and EE explain why broadcasting was a good way of getting the same content to lots of people at the same time. It’s 94 years since Marconi started broadcasting entertainment wirelessly from h... read more

Posted by dwatkins @ 08/07/2014 10:25:00
Google’s widely anticipated Android TV software platform was unveiled at its annual developer’s conference in San Francisco last month, marking the technology giant’s third shot at taking control of the living room TV experience. While early impressions are positive particularly... read more

Posted by MGoodman @ 13/06/2014 16:57:00
Joining a crowded streaming music scene that already contains Rhapsody, Pandora, Spotify, Apple and Samsung, Amazon unveiled Amazon Prime Music in the US. Prime Music provides access... read more

Posted by esmith @ 12/06/2014 20:42:00
Though I had a lot of interesting discussions and briefings at E3 (to be covered in a separate written insight soon), and had the opportunity to play some very beautiful and innovative console games to be released in the months to come, I wanted to briefly touch on VR at the show. I had th... read more

Posted by esmith @ 12/06/2014 14:12:00
The Nintendo Digital event was filled with games, colors, and fun. In a way, it was everything one would expect from a Nintendo E3 broadcast, but that doesn’t mean that there weren’t gasps from the audience as some fan favorites were revealed. “There’s nothing w... read more

Posted by npatel @ 12/06/2014 14:04:00
HERE announced the acquisition of mobile predictive analytics firm, Medio, on 12th June 2014. At the heart of this acquisition is the belief that LBS sh... read more

Posted by esmith @ 10/06/2014 16:23:00
The day started off with a full frontal assault on the senses from Xbox diving into 90 minutes of nothing but game. They set out to show that they had learned from their mistake of not catering first and foremost to core gamers at the console’s launch. Trailing PS4 by abou... read more

Posted by khyers @ 27/05/2014 21:24:00
Bluetooth, FM Radio and GPS are among three of the most important mobile phone technologies for the automotive industry. Bluetooth is used for in-car voice or music; FM radio for entertainment; and GPS for navigation, traffic or mapping.  Together these technologie... read more

Posted by nmawston @ 18/05/2014 14:12:00
According to new research from our WDE (Wearables) service, global smartwatch shipments grew a healthy +250% YoY in Q1 2014. The market was driven heavily by Samsung and its Galaxy Gear model, which is outperformin... read more

Posted by AThorwart @ 14/05/2014 18:39:00
India has been a hotbed of mobile app news lately, especially from Social networking and mobile messaging apps like Facebook (100 million users in India; 84% access via a mobile device) and WhatsApp (48 million mobile users). However, mobile commerce apps are also showing signs ... read more

Posted by dmercer @ 13/05/2014 16:59:00
Xbox made two key announcements today which should help the Xbox One recover from a slow start relative to Sony’s PS4. First, it... read more

Posted by dmercer @ 13/05/2014 10:19:00
Our latest... read more

Posted by AThorwart @ 12/05/2014 17:56:00
“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is an age-old adage, but the taxi industry’s adage went a little more like: “the world knows our system is broke and there isn’t anything a consumer can do about it, so we’re not changing.” T... read more

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