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Posted by npatel @ 26/03/2015 14:46:00
At its f8 developer conference on 25th March, 2015 Facebook made several significant related announcements that I feel strengthens its ability to drive mobile revenue: Open up Facebook Messenger platform to third-party developers: ... read more

Posted by MGoodman @ 25/03/2015 15:11:00
On March 18th, Sony Network Entertainment and Sony Computer Entertainmen... read more

Posted by lkawasaki @ 24/03/2015 16:03:00
The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) announced last week the decision to mandate pay TV operators to offer TV subscribers a basic package priced at no more than C$25 a month ($20 USD). According to CRTC, the decision reflects ongoing viewers&rsq... read more

Posted by PRaina @ 18/03/2015 17:23:00
Last week French IPTV operator Free launched the world's first Ultra HD 4K gateway and... read more

Posted by CRaskind @ 12/03/2015 13:16:00
Strategy Analytics believes the Apple Watch large... read more

Posted by MGoodman @ 10/03/2015 16:38:00
Much to the chagrin of many in the music industry, Spotify, Pandora, and other streaming music services have made it too easy for subscribers to legally stream any song they want fro... read more

Posted by nmawston @ 05/03/2015 17:07:00
According to the latest research from our ... read more

Posted by AThorwart @ 05/03/2015 15:22:00
During its live “Made to Game” campaign at the GDC conference, NVIDIA announced the next evolution in the Android based microconsole market with its Shield console. It is actually a cross-over device between PC cloud gaming an... read more

Posted by lkawasaki @ 04/03/2015 15:58:00
MTV is partnering with mobile operators to launch OTT initiatives in both online video (MTV Play) and music subscription... read more

Posted by nmawston @ 02/03/2015 14:20:00
According to our WDE (Wearables) research service, global fitness band shipments were dominated by Fitbit, Jawbone and others in the ... read more

Posted by dmercer @ 23/02/2015 15:25:00
My colleague at Decipher, Nigel Walley, has done a read more

Posted by MGoodman @ 18/02/2015 15:18:00
Sony sold its online game division, Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) to New York investment firm Columbus Nova for an undisclosed sum. The former SOE will operate... read more

Posted by dmercer @ 18/02/2015 14:17:00
The latest forecast for global games console adoption from my colleague Eric Smith quantifies the scale of Son... read more

Posted by MGoodman @ 13/02/2015 20:13:00
Not content to allow Netflix’s European expansion to go unchallenged Wuaki TV announced that it plans to expand to 15 c... read more

Posted by AThorwart @ 13/02/2015 18:08:00
In Chinese folklore, the year 2015 is the year of the Goat. However, according to Microsoft’s most recent activity it might actually be the year of productivity. read more

Posted by PLin @ 13/02/2015 09:44:00
According to the latest report -- Global ... read more

Posted by PLin @ 13/02/2015 07:12:00
According to the latest report -- Global ... read more

Posted by dwatkins @ 11/02/2015 05:26:00
I took the opportunity of being in Tokyo this week to visit one of the country's leading consumer electronics retailers, Yodabashi Camera. The Akihabara branch I visted is vast with products arranged into clear categories across 6 floors. I headed straight to the busy Audio Visual floor to check ... read more

Posted by AThorwart @ 10/02/2015 14:21:00
Before getting into the particulars of how the NBA and Tencent each benefit from this partnership it is important to note that the NBA has a rich history in China. Dating back to 2006 (yes that was 8! years ago and I was still in high school) the NBA and Lenovo officially announ... read more

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