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Posted by nmawston @ 26/01/2015 11:22:00
According to our WDE (Wearables) service, Hyundai, of South Korea, recently introduced its Blue Link app for Android Wear devices that will allow US and globa... read more

Posted by npatel @ 22/01/2015 09:02:00
If rumors relating to Google acquiring Softcard are true could combining the efforts of two struggling mobile NFC payment and marketing ecosystems improve Google’s chances of success? The above rumor raises three critical questions - How does this ... read more

Posted by dmercer @ 16/01/2015 17:34:00
One of the key trends at CES 2015 was the widespread renewed interest in audio. After 15 years or so of “digital” (ie online) music in the form, primarily, of convenient but low grade MP3 downloadsand streamed services, it seems that industry majors are finally ready to persuade a ne... read more

Posted by MGoodman @ 16/01/2015 17:19:00
When Sony first launch its cloud gaming service, PlayStation Now, it allowed for individual game rentals in increments of 4-hours, 7-days, 30-days, and 90-day. This model, however, i... read more

Posted by PLin @ 13/01/2015 05:08:00
According to the latest report ‘Global Smartwatch Display Size Sales Forecast: 2012 to 2020’ from our Wearable Device Ecosystem (WDE) research service, global smartwatch volumes will be dominated by <... read more

Posted by lkawasaki @ 12/01/2015 20:11:00
The 2015 Golden Globe Awards was filled with surprises for the TV entertainment industry and was a significant indication of changing consumer viewing behaviors. Amazon made history earning Golden Globes in both categories it received nominations, be... read more

Posted by lkawasaki @ 12/01/2015 17:11:00
Digital advertising revenues are closing the gap with traditional media as consumers internet usage continues to grow. In fact in many countries ad spending on traditional platforms such as print (newspaper/magazine) and TV have started to flatten ou... read more

Posted by wshi @ 12/01/2015 12:38:00
I have long expected to see Deezer expanding into the US market, but was a bit disappointed when it finally did in September 2014, with the quietness of its entry.... read more

Posted by MGoodman @ 07/01/2015 07:47:00
This morning I participated on a panel at CES on Internet TV and its impact on multichannel video providers. As these panels so often do the conversation ran... read more

Posted by dwatkins @ 07/01/2015 00:28:00
CES 2015 – Day One (Tuesday) Television sets have long been the darling of CES despite the efforts of mobile devices, smart home and wearables to dislodge them from their throne in recent years. If yesterday’s press day announcements and the throng of people forcing thei... read more

Posted by nmawston @ 05/01/2015 14:12:00
TCL-Alcatel recently soft-launched its OneTouch Watch for developed and developing markets. It is an Android Wear model with an attractive circular form... read more

Posted by MGoodman @ 29/12/2014 20:26:00
BitTorrent, once the scourge of the Internet, is making an effort to reinvent itself as a legitimate content provider. In June of 2013, BitTorrent first began al... read more

Posted by MGoodman @ 24/12/2014 20:20:00
According to Netf... read more

Posted by wshi @ 24/12/2014 17:21:00
When every music streaming service has a catalogue of 30+ million songs and every music streaming service provides free listening, there needs something additional to stand out from the crowd.&nbs... read more

Posted by npatel @ 09/12/2014 10:25:00
Why WIRE Will Struggle To Find Room In A Crowded Mobile Communications Market read more

Posted by dmercer @ 08/12/2014 15:17:00
Our latest survey results are just in from the US and the results make very encouraging reading for the Ultra ... read more

Posted by mwilkins @ 28/11/2014 16:09:00
With anticipation of Apple Watch continuing to grow in the run up to its Q1 2015 availability, so too is the interplay between traditional watchmakers and mobile technology vendors. Recently, Swatch CEO Nick Hayek said that he was not worried about Apple Watch, and that it is Apple who is under p... read more

Posted by MGoodman @ 25/11/2014 20:00:00
NVIDIA is joining Sony’s PlayStation Now as the latest major player in the gaming industry to tackle cloud gaming with the launch of the NVIDIA Grid Game S... read more

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