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Posted by rguppy @ 23/10/2014 10:45:00
It was great to update the Dossier on Hutchison’s 3 Group: it became clear that the company had transformed from what in my mind was a loose set of investment properties that head of Hutchison Whampoa Limited (Mr Li Ka-shing) might sell for profit at any tim... read more

Posted by rguppy @ 07/08/2014 16:58:00
I confess that I used to be skeptical about LG Electronics’ future.  I considered it very much a follower in smartphones, forever struggling to come out with a new hit product that would propel it up-market as well as boost volumes for a time.  My revision of the LGE Dossier recen... read more

Posted by rguppy @ 06/08/2014 16:56:00
So Mr Son of SoftBank has decided to walk away from negotiations to buy T-Mobile USA thanks to continuing regulatory opposition, according to the Wall Street Journal, and has replaced Sprint’s CEO, Dan Hesse.  This comes days after T-Mobile rejected a bid by French telecoms challenger ... read more

Posted by rguppy @ 17/06/2014 11:21:00
An industry watcher living in China told me: Lenovo will never be disruptive.  I replied: but they have been disruptive already! My contact knows Lenovo from within China, and believes that Lenovo’s products and their quality do not stand out among other Chinese smartphone vendo... read more

Posted by rguppy @ 24/04/2014 15:20:00
I just got back from Japan.  What a great place, I thought again. I remembered that my previous blog was called 'DoCoMo surrenders'.  Now, I have some thoughts to share about Japanese OEMs. One industry contact I met is an account manager at a smartphone OEM (not Apple) for one ... read more

Posted by rguppy @ 13/09/2013 15:42:00
DoCoMo has finally accepted the inevitable: it has to distribute Apple products or see its market share and profits fall even further.  DoCoMo’s only 5% share of net subscriber adds in calendar 2Q13 – compared with SoftBank’s 52% and KDDI’s 42% - must have been a fina... read more

Posted by rguppy @ 04/09/2013 16:49:00
Many people on the planet now know that Microsoft has agreed to buy Nokia’s phone business plus access to Nokia’s IPR and HERE platform.  Details abound online.  But so what? Overall, I’d say it’s welcome though sad news for Nokia, as Nokia is now assured ... read more

Posted by rguppy @ 04/09/2013 16:03:00
Back from vacation I note that Steve Ballmer has resigned from Microsoft.  In his letter he writes that ‘now is the right time’ to go.  I disagree: the right time would in my opinion have been long ago, due to how Microsoft has struggled to defend its core PC and Windows bus... read more

Posted by rguppy @ 16/08/2013 13:40:00
I bet not so many people know this, but since 2009 Samsung's corporate goal for 2020 is to reach revenues of $400bn - I'm reminded of this having just updated our Dossier on Samsung. In 2012 its revenues were around $180bn (compared to Apple’s $165bn in the same period). That means it is st... read more

Posted by rguppy @ 07/08/2013 13:31:00
I’ve just published the GFP Intelligence Report which identifies and interprets key events in the ICT industry over the previous two weeks.  This is truly a labor of love.. a big piece of work to review so many companies, but almost always fascinating for what is chan... read more

Posted by rguppy @ 02/08/2013 18:41:00
A year ago I ended a positive blog on Facebook – when its share price had fallen to half the IPO price – with ‘This believer will be watching to see if his expectation is met..’ Now (first win) Facebook’s shares have finally recovered to their $38 IPO level. &... read more

Posted by rguppy @ 31/07/2013 18:33:00
I don’t think people are taking the massive reorganisation at Microsoft seriously enough, in terms of the threat it poses to Microsoft’s efficient operations and ultimate recovery. I say this because it reminds me of the reorganisation at Motorola in 1998, which led to its ulti... read more

Posted by rguppy @ 25/06/2013 09:33:00
Sony has launched the Xperia Z Ultra smartphone, with a 6.4 inch HD display, a device thickness of only 6.5mm, and various capabilities and accessories including a smart-watch that you can read about online.  As the Ultra may address a niche market of super-large phones, perhaps more popular... read more

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