The New York Times reported this week that Apple has allegedly discussed buying a roughly ~5% stake in Twitter.

If correct, why might Apple have been -- or perhaps still be -- interested in Twitter? Well, real-time mobile social networking is, of course, hot. It is the topic du jour. Our Wireless Media Strategies (WMS) service is keenly aware of the potential for Twitter, Facebook and others in the mobile space. Twitter has millions of eyeballs and mobile adverts, something which Apple and others may prize. And Apple may desire to get closer to Twitter to better integrate its popular service into iPhones and iPads.

The NYT reports that discussions regarding Apple and Twitter were limited, they took place a while back, and talks are NOT ongoing at the present time. However -- in my view -- if Facebook steps forward with a Facebook phone or a Facebook OS next year -- an event that would threaten Apple iOS -- then Apple could well be picking up the phone for another chat with the folks over at the Twitter offices just a few miles away in northern California.