LTE phones are critical for emerging high-speed services in the mobile, portable and automotive worlds during the next several years. For example, video, TV and teleconferencing are bandwidth-heavy consumer services that will benefit from the arrival of 4G devices and 4G networks. Western Europe is lagging at the moment; its 4G rollout is someway behind the leaders of North America, South Korea, Japan and elsewhere. However, the Western European 4G market is recently showing signs of accelerating, and the launch of the Apple iPad LTE in H1 2012 and the rumored launch of the Apple iPhone LTE in H2 2012 are concentrating industry minds. As a result of this increased attention to 4G, we forecast LTE mobile phone sales to grow an impressive +172% in Western Europe in 2013, led by countries like Sweden, Germany and UK. Most volumes and growth will be concentrated in the second half of next year. This published report -- available to download by clients of our Wireless Device Strategies (WDS) service -- forecasts LTE handset sales in unit-volumes for 18 major countries in Western Europe and it is a valuable tool for planning for the upcoming, high-value 4G boom.