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January 26, 2015 10:45 nmawston

According to our WDS (Devices) service, USB Type-C connectors for mobile phones are set to emerge this year, from companies such as HTC and others. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Type-C USB connectivity for 4G handsets? Will USB Type-C phones takeoff? More analysis and forecasts can be viewed by clients here.

December 27, 2012 13:28 nmawston

This published report, available to clients of our Wireless Device Strategies (WDS) service, analyses 10 important trends that will emerge in the global mobile device market during 2013. We identify opportunities for growth, areas for differentiation, and potential for competitive surprises. The report examines why the ten trends are important, and it makes actionable recommendations for customers. Topics covered include LTE, Android, Wi-Fi, subsidies and others. For example, well over a quarter-billion 4G phones will be shipped worldwide next year, making LTE a hyper-growth segment that no mobile player can ignore.

May 11, 2012 08:58 nmawston

Global mobile handset shipments grew +4% annually during Q1 2012. Developed and developing markets delivered moderated growth. Africa, Asia and Latin America were the key markets contributing to growth, with Samsung, Apple & ZTE driving volumes higher. Samsung became the number one handset vendor globally, overtaking Nokia for the first time ever during the quarter. Apple edged up to third place for the first time in the huge Asia region. This report details quarterly handset marketshare for the world's top 30 vendors in North America, Central & Latin America, Western Europe, Central & Eastern Europe, Africa Middle East and Asia Pacific. Historical data by quarter from 2004 to Q1 2012 are included. Clients for our Wireless Device Strategies (WDS) service can download the published report here.