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Posted by rlanctot @ 21/12/2014 09:57:00
One of the biggest highlights of the upcoming CES show in Las Vegas, put on by the Consumer Electronics Association the first week in January, will be the focus on the Internet of Things. While most journalists and attendees will focus on the morphing of televisions... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 19/12/2014 21:59:00
The Google-in-the-car rumors are swirling again in advance of CES, the big consumer electronics show held the first week of January in Las Vegas. Of course, rather than being a big coming out party for Google’s automotive initiatives, CES will highlight how fa... read more

Posted by ehigham @ 19/12/2014 16:43:00
As the curtain starts to fall to close out another year, it’s a good time to ... read more

Posted by lsui @ 19/12/2014 01:38:00
According to the latest report from our Wireless Smartphone Strategies (WSS) services, Android forks will capture 31% of global smartphone sales in 2015, up from 29% in 2013. Chin... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 17/12/2014 14:53:00
One of these days Microsoft will simply own up to the fact that it does not get cars. The company simply doesn’t understand the automotive industry. Never has. Never will. So even when the company has some success it is somehow overlooked – as in the case... read more

Posted by PLin @ 17/12/2014 06:52:00
According to the latest report ‘ read more

Posted by PLin @ 17/12/2014 05:13:00
According to the latest report ‘Global S... read more

Posted by woh @ 17/12/2014 02:03:00
According to our recently published forecast report, Global Handset Shipments Forecast by Vendor by Quarter: 2000 to 2015, published by WDS (Wireless Device Strategies) service, Samsung is expected to take the lead in gl... read more

Posted by lsui @ 16/12/2014 21:23:00
Following the success of Mate 7, the 6 inch premium tier model from Huawei, the Chinese company has launched two more phablet models yesterday in Beijing : Honor 6 Plus and Honor Changwan 4X. Honor 6 Plus comes with 5.5 inch 1080P display,... read more

Posted by pkendall @ 16/12/2014 09:39:00
Yesterday's announcement that BT is now in exclusive talks with DT and Orange to acquire EE, will leave the UK's other mobile operators evaluating their strategies. In our report last month, BT to Buy its Way to Top Spot... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 12/12/2014 03:23:00
If there's somethin' strange in your neighborhoodWho ya gonna call (ghostbusters)If it's somethin' weird an it won't look goodWho ya gonna call (ghostbusters)- “Ghostbusters” theme song... read more

Posted by PLin @ 10/12/2014 10:25:00
According to the la... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 09/12/2014 20:15:00
It’s the 73rd anniversary of Japan's surprise attack on Pearl Harbor and as good a time as any to note that China is seeing an annual slaughter of civilians on its highway on a scale equivalent to the casualties suffered by the U.S. during all of World War II.... read more

Posted by npatel @ 09/12/2014 10:25:00
Why WIRE Will Struggle To Find Room In A Crowded Mobile Communications Market read more

Posted by dmercer @ 08/12/2014 15:17:00
Our latest survey results are just in from the US and the results make very encouraging reading for the Ultra ... read more

Posted by khyers @ 05/12/2014 15:07:00
Normal 0 ... read more

Posted by PLin @ 05/12/2014 08:19:00
According to the latest report ‘VALUE SHARE: Global LTE Handset Revenue and ASP by Vendor : Q3 2014’ from our read more

Posted by aanwar @ 04/12/2014 15:19:00
The global military radar market will grow at a CAGR of 3.6% over the 2013 to 2023 forecast timeframe with the total market worth over $18.5 billion in 2023. The Strategy Analytics Advanced Defense Systems (ADS) service series of forecasts covering the global ... read more

Posted by woh @ 04/12/2014 00:45:00
According to the recently published report, Global LTE Handset Vendor Shipments by Country: Q3 2014, under our Handset Country Shar... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 03/12/2014 21:39:00
I despise the eCall mandate promulgated by the European Union. I hate this decade-old legislative effort primarily because it requires the use of old technology both in new cars and retrofitted into public service access points – the fire departments and local... read more

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