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Posted by ehigham @ 25/07/2014 20:46:00
In the interest of full disclosure, I am preparing to go away on vacation in a few days, so I am in that pre-vacati... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 25/07/2014 18:30:00
Everyone tells me usage-based insurance (UBI) – car insurance based on your driving behavior – is already a huge market, rapidly growing, taking the industry by storm… take your pick. I am not buying it, although I am using it. I participate in State Farm’s Driv... read more

Posted by esmith @ 25/07/2014 15:42:00
This is the year that 4K Ultra HD (UHD) TV sales are set to dramatically rise from the embryonic status it has occupied for the last two years. Sales figures in 2014 are in line with our read more

Posted by mwilkins @ 25/07/2014 09:41:00
NVIDIA continues to extend its gaming reach with the launch of the gaming-focussed SHIELD Tablet, the latest in a long line of embellishments to its position as a leading supplier of GPUs and SoCs to PCs, laptops, smartphones, mobile games consoles, and tablets. The SHIELD Tablet itself is well s... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 24/07/2014 16:08:00
Ford’s Mark Fields started 2014 with the announcement of aluminum-bodied F-150s and, following his appointment as CEO, has doubled down on th... read more

Posted by woh @ 24/07/2014 02:49:00
According to the recently published report from Wireless Smartphone Strategies (WSS) service, global smartphone user base is expected to get close to ... read more

Posted by wshi @ 23/07/2014 18:59:00
Messaging is dead! Long live messaging! According to Strategy Analytics’ Global Mobile M... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 23/07/2014 15:57:00
"So I think we are making some really good progress on the autopilot side, and I am confident that in less than a year you will be able to go from highway on ramps to highway exits without touching any controls." - Elon Musk, CEO, Tesla Motors Consumers are clearly ambival... read more

Posted by npatel @ 22/07/2014 14:18:00
On July 24th, 2014 Verizon will launch Verizon Smart Rewards, a loyalty program aimed at its postpaid customer base. Off... read more

Posted by MGoodman @ 22/07/2014 14:04:00
Retail giant Walmart recently announced it had hired Jeremy Verba to serve as vice president and general manager of VUDU, Walmart’s on-demand video service which it acquired i... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 21/07/2014 17:07:00
There is a spooky statistical confluence in the U.S. between highway fatalities and deaths resulting from gun violence (homicides and suicides, combined). Both figures hover around 30,000, or about 100/day. And just as the world is treated to the U.S.’s perennial debate over the ... read more

Posted by nmawston @ 19/07/2014 00:53:00
According to our Wearables (WDE) research service, global smartwatch sales will grow a healthy +750% in 2014. The smartwatch is clearly a high-growth market.Rumo... read more

Posted by nmawston @ 19/07/2014 00:38:00
According to our WDS (Devices) research service, Motorola’s global handset shipments increased sharply during Q2 2014. New Android model... read more

Posted by rlanctot @ 18/07/2014 12:09:00
The time has finally arrived to privatize the safety testing activities of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and to shift the funding model of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety away from the insurance industry. Here’s why. Thatcham Research in the UK and... read more

Posted by nmawston @ 17/07/2014 18:34:00
Wearable devices have the potential to grow into a significant consumer market, benefiting from the ubiquity of the smartphone, and the growing self-health movement; but their success, of course, is not guaranteed. With sensor-laden wearable devices there are a unique set of challenges to be over... read more

Posted by nmawston @ 17/07/2014 18:25:00
According to our WSS (Smartphones) research service, BlackBerry smartphone shipments fell sharply worldwide during Q2 2014. The Canadian vendor continued to st... read more

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